Don Staffin

​Author, Columnist, Entertainer

“For centuries, men have tried to understand the female mind - a largely futile quest thus far.  The combination of witty observation and insight in these 'Postcards' will provide men with hope and both sexes with laughter.”

Stephen M. Shapiro, Author of Goal-Free Living

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“Not even Martha Stewart can cultivate a garden this colorful, where men and women can coexist thanks to healthy doses of hilarity--and hormones.”

Lesley Abravanel, The Miami Herald

Don Staffin (a.k.a. The Gardener) has been entertaining readers and audiences worldwide by sharing his life in The Garden of Estrogen surrounded by females: his wife of 26 years (a.k.a. The Queen of The Garden), four daughters, and three Holstein dairy cows.   

Praise for Postcards from the Garden of Estrogen

April 5, 2017 - Green Knoll Grill, Bridgewater, NJ, 8:00 pm

Co-hosts Don Staffin and Jack McManus, with Kate Nichols, Georges Garcon, Suzanne Linfante, Aaron Decker and Samara Atry