The Book:  Postcards from the Garden of Estrogen

“For centuries, men have tried to understand the female mind - a largely futile quest thus far.  The combination of witty observation and insight in these 'Postcards' will provide men with hope and both sexes with laughter.”

Stephen M. Shapiro, Author of Goal-Free Living

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“Not even Martha Stewart can cultivate a garden this colorful, where men and women can coexist thanks to healthy doses of hilarity--and hormones.”

Lesley Abravanel, The Miami Herald

Don Staffin 

Author, Public Speaker, Music Arranger

 Join Don Staffin (a.k.a. “The Gardener”) on a hilarious three year journey through the Garden of Estrogen.  A delightful mix of anecdotes, “flash forwards”, and fictional musings serve to shed new light on the relationships between males and females of all ages.  Throw four daughters (three of whom are triplets) and the “Queen of the Garden” into the mix, and things really get interesting.

No self pity allowed!  This book pokes fun at men and women alike.  Whether you are a man who has at least two females under your roof, or you are married to such a man, you will be laughing at yourself and your spouse as much as you are laughing at the various characters in the book.

In the course of reading this book you will find the answers to some of the most puzzling questions:

  • Why is the simple act of getting dressed so complicated?
  • Is there really crying in baseball?
  • How do the laws of physics make it unnecessary to separate colors in the laundry?
  • What really happened to Romeo and Juliet?
  • What happens when your daughter is the first to grab the annual swimsuit edition of your favorite sports magazine?
  • How did famous biblical couples celebrate Valentine’s Day?
  • What is the reason for all the door slamming?
  • And much more…